Flu-Jab Day

Flu jab day

Today was flu jab day. A 2 hour open clinic session was scheduled at the surgery so I thought I would leave the first 30 minutes to allow the pensioners to get in first. Normally it’s not a good thing but the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo hit West Yorkshire resulting in torrential rain, but I considered this another bonus because the afore-mentioned pensioners would surely be less likely to venture out when other open sessions are available.

Needless to say I completely misjudged the weather-beaten hardiness of the Yorkshire pensioner.

I couldn’t get within two football pitches of the surgery and had to park the car on a side-street roughly in the vicinity. As I fought, head-bowed into the stormy gust my worst fears materialised. There was mayhem in the car-park and as I walked into the building I was greeted by a zigzagging queue of excited sexa-, septua- and octogenarians taking up the entire waiting area and extending on toward the office of the poor beleaguered practice nurse at the far end of the building.

No sir, change of plan, today was most definitely NOT flu-jab day.


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