Week Two – “Roger Black!”

Although I managed to lose a further 2lbs this week, I had a huge blip in my diet caused by a 150g bag of “Oh My Guru” spicy tomato flavoured crinkle cut crisps. I opened a bag, sprinkled some on a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch and became so addicted to the taste that I had to have some more crisps separately. The back of the packet does say it will leave you craving more and, ‘Oh My Guru’, it was correct. I felt guilty for devouring half the bag without even noticing it was happening. My taste buds were indeed tantalised, and I now realise that it is possible to be both happy and sad all at the same time!

Despite the aforementioned crisp eating failure, I have managed to avoid chocolate and biscuits completely. I do find this particularly difficult as I had become practised in the art of devouring chocolatey treats both after and in between meals. Temptation exists at every turn as we still have lashings of surplus delicacies following Christmas and New Year. Phenomenal mental willpower is required to pretend that this lot does not exist.


I was telling my elderly dog while out on a walk about how hungry I was. I actually don’t know why I talk to her; even if she could understand English, she is as deaf as a post.

As I mentioned in my first blog entry, part two of my dieting regime involves exercise using a treadmill I have in the garage. It has not been used for a year, so the first task was to remove all the contents from what had effectively become a low-level shelf. I was knackered after this process and had to leave it an extra day before firing it up. Once the dust had settled (literally), I was able to walk for 30 minutes at a decent pace. The treadmill is a Roger Black brand; he was an accomplished 400m Olympic athlete back in the day. In the middle of my brisk walk I decided to run for 400m; no more and no less; if it was far enough for Roger Black it is far enough for me. The treadmill was originally for Angela who used to take part in a series of 10K runs, she has visited her lawyer to ensure I pay rent for the privilege of half-killing myself. The contracts are in the post.

Continue to Week Three – “Fat Club.”


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