Ladder Fury

They say bad things come in three’s. My daughter lives in a flat and to view the electricity meter for a reading she needs to climb a small ladder at the foot of a flight of stairs near the front door.


Last week, someone stole the ladder which was behind the front door, and she couldn’t take a reading; she asked me if I could bring down my “fold-up-able” ladders to help her. I keep them at the back of my garage just behind the “up-and-over” door. It was quite a struggle to get them out, and I had to resort to a bit of brute force, a typical tactic of mine in times of trouble. I heard something crack and looked down to find that I’d inadvertently ripped off the plastic box which houses the broadband and TV cables. They are still working but literally hanging by a thread as you can see in the picture below.


I was so cross with myself; after accepting the situation for what it was, I picked up the ladders and swung them around to load them into the boot of my car. I misjudged how close I was to the back and bashed the corner of the ladder into the rear light casing leaving this spider-shaped crack.


As you can tell, it was raining; this didn’t lighten my mood in any way. Expletives filled the air, right at the moment when my next-door neighbours were leaving their house to take their dog for a walk. I curbed my anger and threw the ladders into the back of the car and guess what? I hadn’t lifted them high enough and ended up making a discernible scratch on the bumper for which I’m too embarrassed to take and upload a photograph.

Things couldn’t get any worse, so the only thing to do was continue with the plan and make my way down to her flat to use the ladders to obtain the meter reading. This all took place without further mishap, but I had an idea while I was there. I said to her, “Why don’t you go up the steps to the height of the meter, put the light on and take a photo, then zoom in on the image to view the meter reading?” She thought this was a good idea so got herself in position, was about to aim her phone at the meter to take a picture when she blurted out “Ooh, I can actually read it from here without using the phone!”



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