Guess Who

I received a text message from my daughter who incorrectly assumed that I was at home; it read “Has a package been delivered there for me today?” I replied, “We’re in Sainsbury’s. I’ll ask at the customer service desk if you like”.

As I laughed out loud at the quality of my own ‘Dad joke’, I heard a voice to my left. “Hello, Stewart”. My eyes refocused from my cell phone to the blonde lady by my side; I didn’t recognise her. Now here is a moral dilemma, do you own up or do you play along and hope a spark ignites; I chose the latter.

Guess Who Sainsburys
Character from the “Guess Who” board game.

I gave her a smile and said: “Oh hello, how are you doing?” She replied that she was fine and that it had been a “long time since I last saw you”. I experienced the slight glimmer of a spark of recognition; did I used to work with her?

For the next minute or so, we made small talk about being ready for Christmas and joking that we were leaving it a bit late to start our Christmas shopping. We said goodbye and headed off in opposite directions. It was only at that moment that I realised I had been married to her for 7½ years and we had a son together!

In my defence, I had never seen her with blonde hair and in fact have probably only seen her twice in the last 15 years. Even so, my dementia test is next Tuesday afternoon.