Valentine’s Day for the Middle-Aged

Valentine’s Day has not been a big deal in our household for many years. This morning, February 14, 2018, Angela walked through the front door as I simultaneously walked down the stairs. We greeted each other for the first time today, the conversation went like this:

Me:          “Good morning, wife.”

Angela:    “Good morning, husband.”

Me:          “Happy Valentine’s Day, wife.”

Angela:    “Happy Valentine’s Day, husband.”

Me:          “Is that Valentine’s Day done?”

Angela:    “Yep!”


In the top drawer of my office cabinet, I have a signed, sealed and unopened Valentine’s Day card for Angela. I fear that one day she will present me with a card and I won’t have anything in return, so I stored it away for such an event. It has been there for 15 years and will probably still be there in another 15.

 Who said romance is dead?


No Valentine


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