Back in 2013, someone told me that I should write a book. Within a few weeks, I had received the same comment completely independently from two other sources, one a family member and one a work colleague. It reminded me that 20 years ago I set myself a life’s ambition to see and hold a published book with my name clearly displayed as the author. How could I make that happen?


A friend suggested that I should start by writing blogs purely for personal enjoyment. It would also prove whether I would be able to dedicate sufficient time to produce enough quality content. My 54th birthday was in August 2016; I’m not getting any younger. This was when the “55 Challenge” started. Could I write 55 blogs before my 55th birthday? If I could, there’s a chance I would have the time to go on to write a book; if not, either I should change my lifestyle to make it happen or accept that it is a step too far.


Here I am in June 2018; I can tell you I failed the “55 Challenge”. Today, ten months after the challenge deadline, I published my 50th blog, but I do not feel a failure and have thoroughly enjoyed writing these stories/articles. I will continue to do so; the publication of a book is still on my radar, and I fully accept that if I watched a little less sport on the TV and devoted fewer hours to hunting out the best new music on Spotify, I might be able to dedicate enough time.


This brings me to the name of my blog page… “timetickingaway”. It is mostly inspired by my “55 Challenge”, but when thinking about a name, I happened to be listening to one of the best albums ever created, “The Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd. The classic track “Time” starts with the line “Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day”. To me, the song is about having a dream and not doing anything to make it happen, blaming a lack of time, then realising that you’re too old and that dream has passed you by.  If you are intrigued, search out the full lyrics to this track, it perfectly sums up my thinking when it comes to writing, but I still have a chance to do something about it.


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