The Adventures of the Boy with the Bear with the Blanket

For this week’s blog, I thought I would break with tradition and venture into the world of children’s stories. Inspired by my Grandson, Harry, here is a short story aimed at 3 to 6 year olds.

Pizza Time

Henry is a very cute little blond boy.


Henry’s best friend is a little bear called “Bear, Bear”, a bear so good they named him twice.

Bear Bear

Bear Bear’s best friend is a cheeky little blanket.


Henry, Bear Bear and Blanket went to New York, New York, a city so good they named it twice.

New York New York

New York New York is a very big place, and after walking all day, Henry felt hungry. Looking for somewhere to eat, they found a pizza restaurant called “Pizza Pizza”, a restaurant so good they named it twice.

Pizza pizza Restaurant

A rather charming waiter sat the three friends at a nice table and asked Henry what he would like to eat. Henry asked for a pizza.


“What would you like on top of your pizza?” the waiter asked. Bear Bear replied “Another pizza!!”

Pizza pizza

“And what topping would you like on that pizza?” Blanket said, “Another pizza!!!” So they were served their triple-decker pizza.

Pizza pizza Pizza

A man at another table to the right was about to order his food, looked across and said: “Yum, I’ll have what they’re having”. A lady on the table to the left was also about to order, she said: “Yum, I’ll have what they’re having”. Soon EVERYONE in the restaurant was eating triple-decker pizzas.

Henry went to pay for their meal, and the manager came over and said they did not have to pay. In fact, the pizza was so good that they would add it to their menu, but it needed a name.

Italian Waiter

Bear Bear said, “Call it the ‘Pizza Pizza Pizza’”… so they did, a pizza that was so good they named it THREE TIMES.

Pizza pizza Pizza